Account Name: Positively Alive VZW
Account Number: 736-061975-081

Mission Statement

Positively Alive is a Belgian based Charity with two objectives:

  1. Help normalize HIV by sharing timely, relevant, positive and empowering messages using social media.

  2. Help end the HIV & AIDS epidemic by generating funds for those organizations that need it the most and for research into finding a vaccine and a cure for HIV.

“Complacency is a real threat to the fight against HIV & AIDS”
Peter Piot (Founder UNAIDS
in interview with
Positively Alive in 2019)

Our Team

Jonathan Bossaer

Lisa Ashton

Linos Vandekerckhove

Dánae Castañón

Mark Van der



Janine Kelling

George Ndwiga

Stephanie Lecluyse

Edward Andes

Natali Krizan

Siam Salehin

Dhivya O’Connor

Theressa Cuales

Sarmad Saeed

Rachel De Rudder

Osvaldo Tenax

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