Account Name: Positively Alive VZW
Account Number: 736-061975-081

Vision Campaign 2019

  1. To Normalize HIV and deliver a message of hope to all those living with the disease.

  2. To Counter ignorance, prejudice, taboo, and stigma still surrounding the subject through informational, educational and empowering content.

  3. To Raise money for HIV orphans in South Africa and for HIV Cure Research.

"Together we can end the HIV & AIDS epidemic


Volunteers from over fifteen countries are already participating in this beautiful and much needed initiative. Our idea is to create a ripple effect across five continents in order for our leaders, policy makers and the national and international donor community to put HIV and AIDS back at the top of their agenda so we can once and for all end the epidemic.

“Never before in history have we been so close to a vaccine for HIV”

Campaign Phrases

We have developed two campaign phrases:

Say NO to HIV stigma!

HIV or not, I will always care about you!

These phrases are spoken into the camera by all of our interviewees and several other influencers around the world. We will make a compilation and launch these on social media on World AIDS Day, 1st December 2019. We are still looking for people with large followings on social media to also video-record these message and partake in this compilation. If you believe you qualify, please send us an email at


Katie Carlson

Linos Vanderkerckhove

Lisa Ashton

Mark Van Der Merwe

Francesca Addabbo

Beate Winkler

Janine Kelling

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