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Hi, my Name is Jonathan from Belgium. I have been living with HIV for 10 years. After a decade-long struggle with self-love and acceptance, I have finally been able to liberate myself from the guilt, anger and shame that almost destroyed me. Today I want to help fight stigma.

HIV attacks the body. Prejudice attacks the spirit. One is caused by a virus and the other one is caused by ignorance. Stigma leads to anxiety, depression and ultimately isolation. In many cases it even prevents people from seeking medical attention.

So much has changed over the last couple of years, yet people keep having these hard wired beliefs. Today a person living with HIV, on treatment and with an undetectable viral load (virus is so small, it can’t be measured anymore), cannot, under no circumstance, transmit this virus to a sexual partner. Undetectable equals untransmittable.

The stigma has to stop. HIV does not define who we are.

We have therefore developed the “Positively Alive Challenge” in which we are going to kiss HIV stigma goodbye.

Come and join the fun Let's all #KissHIVStigmaGoodbye


  1. To Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to help raise awareness and distribute information to end HIV stigma and stigma of any kind.

  2. To the Fortune 500 companies to help generate funds for research into finding a cure for HIV and to make sure that the children of our world who have been affected by this epidemic are being provided with a better future. We have set the target with our campaign at $2 million.

  3. To all people living with HIV and all people who know individuals that are being affected by HIV, to participate in this challenge to help reach a maximum amount of people so we achieve our goal of reducing stigma and raising funds.

Come and JOIN the fun let's all #KissHIVStigmaGoodbye

Find out who have joined and completed the #positivelyalivechallenge

Maggie De Block
Ministry of Health,

Linos Vandekerckhove
Head, HIV Cure & Research,
University of Ghent

Gina Ricci
Personal Empowerment Coach,
New Jersey, USA

It's time to end and #KissHIVStigmaGoodbye

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