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My Long Walk Against HIV Stigma

Within the context of “De Warmste Week”, an event that takes place in Belgium every year around Christmas and during which people raise money for many different causes,I challenge you and myself to walk 101km within 24 hrs to raise money for research into finding a cure for HIV and to support orphan children who have been deeply affected by the HIV & AIDS epidemic. This is a walk against HIV stigma and against stigma of any kind.

COME AND JOIN ME and let's walk together against stigma!

I contracted HIV in South Africa in 2009 and have been living with the virus since ten years. Yet, it has taken me almost a decade to free myself of the guilt, anger and shame that was once consuming me alive.

"Long Walk to Positively Alive" is in this regard an analogy of the book "Long Walk to Freedom" by Nelson Mandela.

So why 101km and not 100km? Mandela once said that we can achieve big goals and overcome difficult challenges, but that once we reach them, new challenges present themselves. 100km is a big goal (they call it "The Walk of Death" in Belgium), so I have decided to add 1km.

"I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom comes responsibilities. And I dare not linger, for my walk is not finished." - Nelson Mandela

101 km walk across East-Flandres, Belgium within 24 hours.

Link to website “De Warmste Week”

1. To make a stand against HIV stigma (and stigma of any kind)

2. To raise money for research into finding a cure for HIV and to support orphanchildren in South Africa who have been deeply affected by the HIV & AIDS epidemic.

Anyone who fancies a walk and believes that any form of stigma has no place in our society. You are welcome to walk the whole 101km or just a part of it. This is entirely up to you.

START: Friday 29th November at 19:00 hrs
FINISH: Saturday 30th November at 19:00 hrs

Time Left before the Long Walk Against Stigma

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START: Gaverse Steenweg 46, 9800 Deinze, Belgium
FINISH: Hertooiebos 55a, 9052 Zwijnaarde, Belgium

We will start our tour in Deinze on Friday night and then walk through the province of East-Flanders to arrive the next evening in Ghent, Zwijnaarde.

There will be eight (8) stops along the way:

  1. Café/Restaurant De Mandel, Grammene
  2. ‘t Vliegend Paard, Tielt
  3. ‘t Solistje, Aalter
  4. Steenhoeve, Nevele
  5. Den Appel, Leerne
  6. ‘t Klooster, De Pinte
  7. Café Oud Eecke, Nazareth
  8. Hertooiebos, 55a, Zwijnaarde

There is no registration fee, but as the purpose of this event is to raise funds, we do require that every participant finds at least one sponsor for a minimum amount of 15€.

Participating in this “Long Walk to Positively Alive” is everyone’s own responsibility. Positively Alive cannot be held responsible for any unfortunate event, such as accidents, bad weather conditions, etc.

Your contribution will

Accelerate the prospects of a potential cure.

Save a generation of children by providing them a future.

To reach our goals, we have partnered up with the following two organizations.

HIV Cure Research Center (HCRC)

The key target for the HIV Cure Research Center is to find a cure for HIV.


  • 32 million: People who died of HIV & AIDS.
  • 37 million: People living with HIV.
  • 1.8 million: New HIV infections every year.

Never before in history have we been so close to a vaccine and a cure for HIV.

A society without HIV would be the single most important medical breakthrough of our times.


The fight far from over. We have not yet reached our goal.

Funding research into finding a cure is now more important than ever!


Our support to HCRC will accelerate the prospect of a potential cure.

Long Term Impact

A society free of HIV and AIDS.

Winnie Mabaso Founation (WMF)

The key target is to support vulnerable and orphaned children in South Africa, particularly those living with HIV.


  • 8 million: People living with HIV in South Africa.
  • 1.7 million: AIDS orphans in South Africa.
  • 14 million: AIDS orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The devastating consequences of HIV & AIDS, leaving almost two million children orphaned has dislocated the entire South African society.

Our children are our hope and future. They deserve to be free of worry. They deserve to live a happy life.


Orphan children are among the most vulnerable people on the planet. Helping them get a better life will require a continuous effort.

If we don’t intervene, an entire generation of children will be lost.


Our support to WMF will provide vulnerable orphan children with a better life.

Long Term Impact

Saving a generation of children by providing them a future.

Together we can end the HIV & AIDS epidemic

Thank you for caring & sharing

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